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  • Verona & Sirmione

    Because of its strategic position at the intersection of many roads, Verona played an important role for at least the last 2,000...
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  • Venice

    “La Serenissima” translated in English as the most serene or sublime, is the name given to this historic port city. Venice charms...
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  • Siena

    Teleport back in time through the winding narrow streets and the medieval architecture of this rare ancient gem. Once the main rival...
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  • Ravenna & Bologna

    Once the capital of the Western Roman Empire, Ravenna then served as capital for the Ostrogoth Kingdom and then as a major...
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  • Pisa & Lucca

    Leaning since its completion in 1372, Pisa’s famous icon is the bell tower of the striped Romanesque cathedral beside it in the...
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  • Rome

    Thousands of years of architectural and historical treasures including the Pantheon, Forum, Colosseum, and St. Peter’s basilica characterize this renown capital. We’ll...
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  • Milan

    Milan is the Italian city of fashion and industry. The city also has modern and historic architecture that offers a variety of...
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  • Cinque Terre

    The Cinque Terre are five colorful fishing villages linked by walking trails on the Italian Riviera. Together with the surrounding hills and...
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  • Assisi & Perugia

    Assisi and Perugia are in the Umbria region, called the cuore verde (green heart) of Italy for its centrality and forest. Assisi...
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  • Amalfi Coast Trip

    The Amalfi Coast holds some of the most unique mediterranean views, from the clustered towns built in the gaps of a tremendously...
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