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Corso di formazione per responsabili Dipartimento Affari Pubblici e Libertà Religiosa

Corso di formazione per responsabili locali Dipartimento Affari Pubblici e Libertà Religiosa. 4 - 6 agosto 2021. Villa Aurora, Firenze.
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Bando di concorso “La luna e il sole” 2021

Bando di concorso “La luna e il sole” 2021, per tesi su tematiche inerenti l’area della spiritualità, della religione o della Chiesa avventista.
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Verona & Sirmione

Because of its strategic position at the intersection of many roads, Verona played an important role for at least the last 2,000 years. It contains many well-preserved Roman sites, in fact its amphitheater is the third largest in Italy after the Colosseum and the best preserved. Sirmione is a medieval jewel found along the shores of Lake Garda. Popular for its thermal healing waters that were even frequented by romans...
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“La Serenissima” translated in English as the most serene or sublime, is the name given to this historic port city. Venice charms its visitors from around the world with its unique mixture of Islamic, gothic, and classical influences suspended over a turquoise lagoon.
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Teleport back in time through the winding narrow streets and the medieval architecture of this rare ancient gem. Once the main rival to the city of Florence during the renaissance, Siena to this day, is still an important city that holds a rich cultural heritage.
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