Your adventure here at Villa awaits you. In order to take part in our program you must apply. Find out more below!

North American Students

In order for a North American student to apply, they must be enrolled in an Adventist University in North America that offers an ACA (Adventist Colleges Abroad) Program. Then through the school’s ACA coordinator, they may start their process.


Enroll in a 7th-Day Adventist North American Division college or university


Apply Online

After filling out the online application, you’ll receive a confirmation email leading you through the next steps of the application process.



On the last application page, there will be a list of signatures that you will need to attain from various people at your school.



After completing the application in full with all of the required signatures, you’ll need to submit the application on the ACA site.

Other Countries

Students coming from other Countries must apply directly to us by filling in the application form provided below.

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