Academic Courses

Here at Villa we offer numerous courses that provide the students with the knowledge necessary to excel linguistically, culturally, in the arts, in fashion and in cooking.


Required Courses

Language Courses

We offer basic, Intermediate, and Advanced levels of Italian language courses that give the students the proper formation in the language.


ITLN 111 | (1QH) | YEAR + SUMMER 

This required course, using both theory and practice, will provide students with useful instruments to learn the phonetically correct pronunciation of the Italian language

Beginning Grammar

ITLN 151, 152, 153 | (5, 5, 5 QH) | YEAR + SUMMER 

The didactic method provides an integrated structure based on the language that is, in fact, the vehicle by which one identifies with everyday situations. The program includes fundamental notions of phonetics, grammar, and general culture. The order is prevalently oriented so that the student can learn through direct and concrete experience, which offers the student a ready-to-use map of the language. The contents of this elementary grammar course are taught in consecutive order of the principal verb forms (present, past, imperative), the use of adjectives (possessive, degrees, comparative, and superlative), and pronouns. Other elementary styles (such as indirect speech) are also introduced.

Beginning Conversation

ITLN 181, 182, 183 | (3, 3, 3 QH) | YEAR + SUMMER 

This course provides the student with the ability to speak basic Italian. Naturally, the conversations are conducted in the present and they include, gradually, what the student learns in the grammar course. According to the motivation of the student, he or she is able to form questions and think through communicative activities, both real and imaginary, or listen to lectures which are especially simple and rich with the language more frequently used in formal situations and in writing. On occasion, audiovisual material is used.

Elective Courses

Art & History Courses

Our fine arts and history courses offer the students with an in depth view and better understanding of Italian history and art. Through both hands on and practical/analytical learning methods.

History of Church-State Relations Throughout Europe

HIST/LAW 345 | (2 QH) | YEAR 

An introduction to the relations between religious and political authorities and laws in Europe, from the Roman Empire to the 20th century, concluding with the analysis of the present situation

Italian Culture in British and American Literature


What happens when an English citizen or an American traveler visits our country? Amazement, surprise, interest, puzzlement, or wonder. Using works of both British and American literature, this course will attempt to provide an overview of outsider viewpoints on Italy and Italian culture. Through this method, we can better understand how Italy and Italians are viewed by others and arrive at a closer understanding of the students’ own experience.

Italian Fine Arts and Monuments

ITLN/ART 172 | (1, 1, 1 QH) | YEAR 

This course is based on an overview of some of the most important Italian cities. Though the emphasis is placed on history and art, sights and monuments are also covered. A preparatory lecture is given before field trips to important museums, historic sights, and monuments. Written reports are required after every tour.

History of Italian Art

ART / HIST / ITLN 335 | (2 QH) | YEAR + SUMMER 

This course is structured around Italian art and the history behind it from the Etruscan period through Classical Greek and Hellenistic Greek art. Lessons are supported by power-point presentations, slides, videos, and photos.

World Religions

RELB / ITLN 341 | (1, 1, 1 QH) | YEAR

Focus on Judaism, Islam and Indian religions (Hinduism, Samkhya Yoga) from a Christian perspective. Encompasses elements of anthropology, eschatology, and ontology.

Fashion Design

ART 321 | (2, 2, 2 QH) | YEAR 

This course covers the basics of fashion illustration, draping, sewing, and simple pattern making. Students will learn how to draw and color the fashion figure and the various articles of clothing from models and fashion photos, how to drape muslins on a model form and develop basic bodices, skirts, sleeves, etc., how to make paper patterns, the steps to designing a collection and finally to have the opportunity to produce a garment of their choice. A minimum of five students is required.

The Art of Tailoring

ART / HMEC 315 | (1, 1, 1 QH) | YEAR 

From stitching to pattern drawing, this course focuses on the intricacies of tailoring. Designed as a hands-on course, much of the learning experience will be done through practical means, such as hand stitching, fabric and thread selection, and pattern making. Projects for this course will range from partial to full garment production.

Decorative Techniques in Ceramics

ART 311 | (2, 2, 2 QH) | YEAR 

Training in basic sculpture, modeling (how to prepare ceramics, create a blend, make and finish a sculpture, and use of a ceramics wheel), firing, and using various techniques across the ages.

Painting Styles and Technique

ART 341 | (2, 2, 2 QH) | YEAR + SUMMER 

This creative course explores the visual elements of line, shape, value, volume, space, and texture. Students of every talent level are invited to develop their drawing ability by experimenting with various mediums such as pencil, charcoal, conté, wash, and ink as applied to still life, and landscapes. This course is comprehensive, beginning with the basic line, stroke, and shading in pencil, and progressing through the medium level in preparation for the final project of an original oil painting on canvas. A minimum of five students is required.

Culture Courses

We offer our students the opportunity to learn about the beauty and uniqueness of the Italian culture through full immersion therein, through the courses offered.

Mediterranean Cuisine

HMEC 101 | (1, 1, 1 QH) | YEAR + SUMMER 

Traditional Italian/Mediterranean cooking of both popular and world-famous dishes.

Italian Culture

ITLN 212 | (2 QH) | YEAR + SUMMER 

This class consists of reading, listening to, and comprehending newspapers and other articles and contemporary musical compositions, followed by discussions. The themes found in these materials often reflect social problems which exist in modern Italy: the roles of women and children, the family, work environment, etc. The class will also emphasize the direct expereince of the linguistic aspects existing in the contemporary spoken language. 

Music Courses

Our students can study and learn music not only through theory and practice, but also in person through experiences and activities that we offer.

History of Italian Music

ITLN / MUHL / HIST 375 | (2 QH) | YEAR 

This course gives an overview of the development of Italian music from the Medieval Era to the musical productions of the 1800s and 1900s. It also covers the anthropology of Italian Pop Music and the works of contemporary artists. The students will be able to appreciate the instruments which were invented in Italy, such as the mandolin and violin.


MUPF 101 | (1 QH) | YEAR 

Individual lessons. A small additional fee must be paid.


MUPF 291 | (1 QH) | YEAR 

Individual lessons. A small additional fee must be paid.

Other Courses

Our students also have more options of enriching their experiences here at villa by doing some independent, individual, or directed courses.

Directed Study

ITLN / ART / RELB 399 | (1-2 QH) | YEAR 

Students who desire may, with authorization from the department chair, undertake a personal study project supervised by an appropriate professor on the basis of a study contract. Offered any term.


MUPF 136, 137, 138 | (1 QH) | YEAR 

Membership in the institution’s choir is open to all students

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