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Italian, there is so much to be said about this romance language. The sound, the cadence, the expressions, and the passion within the language is what makes it of true intrigue for any new learner. The standard Italian that is spoken all over the country today, was born and established in non-other than the region of Tuscany, in the aristocratic city of Florence, which happens to be the same city where our lovely school is located.

About Courses

At the beginning of the school year each student takes a placement test to see in which group level of Italian they will be. We normally offer two to three group levels of Italian, one group that is more advanced and moves at a quick pace, while the other two groups take on either an intermediate or a novice pace. Each group starts at the beginner level, so no previous knowledge of Italian is required, but as the quarters go by, the groups that move at a faster pace cover more language concepts and theories in class. After the placement and during the quarter, each student can decide whether to remain, advance, or step back from any of the group levels, depending on their personal and academic goals.

For the course the students will get there materials upon arrival on campus. The language text book, a notebook, a folder, and a pen and pencil. Throughout the course the students will follow the language textbook by completing the different units and exercises provided with their professors who will apply an interactive hands-on teaching method.

During the end of the third quarter, the students who are interested, will be taken to do the PLIDA test. This is a standardized proficiency test in the Italian language. Throughout the school year, the students as a part of the curriculum, and language course will get to practice for this examination. No student is required to take it, but the options is available for each student.


List of Language Courses


We offer basic, Intermediate, and Advanced levels of Italian language courses that give the students the proper formation in the language.


ITLN 111 | (1QH) | YEAR + SUMMER 

This required course, using both theory and practice, will provide students with useful instruments to learn the phonetically correct pronunciation of the Italian language

Beginning Grammar

ITLN 151, 152, 153 | (5, 5, 5 QH) | YEAR + SUMMER 

The didactic method provides an integrated structure based on the language that is, in fact, the vehicle by which one identifies with everyday situations. The program includes fundamental notions of phonetics, grammar, and general culture. The order is prevalently oriented so that the student can learn through direct and concrete experience, which offers the student a ready-to-use map of the language. The contents of this elementary grammar course are taught in consecutive order of the principal verb forms (present, past, imperative), the use of adjectives (possessive, degrees, comparative, and superlative), and pronouns. Other elementary styles (such as indirect speech) are also introduced.

Beginning Conversation

ITLN 181, 182, 183 | (3, 3, 3 QH) | YEAR + SUMMER 

This course provides the student with the ability to speak basic Italian. Naturally, the conversations are conducted in the present and they include, gradually, what the student learns in the grammar course. According to the motivation of the student, he or she is able to form questions and think through communicative activities, both real and imaginary, or listen to lectures which are especially simple and rich with the language more frequently used in formal situations and in writing. On occasion, audiovisual material is used.

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