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5 Weekend Trip Tips

Third quarter is coming to an end and I have definitely learned a thing or two about traveling. One of the main reasons I came to Italy was because of how easy it would be to travel on the weekends. While I have successfully traveled to many countries this year, I will say it has...
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Florentine Home

There is something about Florence. I can’t really put my finger on it, but something about this city makes me feel as if I’ve found what I had been looking for.  The decision to travel abroad for a year was an exciting and life-changing one, as this was the first time truly being on my...
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Street Art

If a city is the mother, then street art is her child, and like all children, they speak the truth. In my travels of Europe, it has become one of my favorite pastimes to find and photograph street art. I’m drawn to the medium because of the authenticity in its message.
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End of Winter Daydream

The days are slow and languid, yet progressing quickly. Parents and siblings have since gone from visiting the place we called home for the last 4 months. The holiday aftereffects left the nearly empty campus in a melancholic mood. The weather unusually began to contrast greatly from the typical cold and overcast days that we...
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Assisi e Perugina

In a world that moves at the speed of roughly 940 Megabits per second, it would be easy to overlook a small, medieval town tucked into the rolling hills of Italy’s Umbria region.Tucked under the tired arms of a fading castle, Assisi, Italy, continues to thrive as a historical and religious outpost for pilgrims of...
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Ferrari e L’Acetaia Malpighi 2021

Traveling to Modena, we had the chance to visit the Ferrari Museum. With a guided tour, we were able to browse the infamous car models that have been used over the years. After our Ferrari experience, we drove down to a Balsamic Vinegar Factory in Modena. We were able to go up to a room...
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Le 5 Terre 2020

Finally out of quarantine! Our trip to the Cinque Terre was truly one of a kind this year. This had to do with the fact that it was for many their first, second, or third day out of quarantine, and some of the first sights that they have seen in Italy were those of the...
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Apertura 2020

I’m honestly so glad I was able to experience and immerse myself in the Italian culture. Learning with Milena, Cooking class with Graziela, and fashion with Marcela, to name a few, were part of the great experience. Italy itself holds a huge part of my heart. GRAZIE MILLE!
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F2020 Quarantine

This year has been a challenging year due to the COVID crisis, and we had to end our previous trimester early while sending our beloved students back home. This year we have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to offer classes in person this new school year, despite the ongoing pandemic.
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