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Art is at the core of Italian culture and society. From the time of ancient Rome and through the years, the Apennine peninsula, what we know today as Italy, has been a leader in artistic, cultural, and political ideologies of the western world which was portrayed in art styles and techniques through each time period.

About Courses

Our art courses offer the students a taste of fascinating Italian art styles and techniques. We offer both theoretical and practical art courses.

Our theoretical courses in art deal mainly with the study of art throughout Italian history. The students will learn the importance of art in Italian culture, discover different techniques and art styles that defined entire time periods, and will have a new understanding of culture, politics, and need based techniques of some of the most famous Italian masterpieces.

Our Practical Courses in art, deal are a lot more involved on learning and practicing different techniques. These courses require that our students create using their hands. These art courses are not only for things like painting, drawing or even ceramics, even though they are all included, but also include the delicate craft of Mediterranean cuisine and the ingenuity of fashion design and tailoring.

For all of our art courses there is NO requirement of previous knowledge or experience. Each classes is taught in an environment that is friendly to beginners but also helps to further develop those skills of more experienced students.


List of Art Courses

Fine Art & Art History

Our fine arts and art history courses offer the students with an in depth view and better understanding of Italian art. Through both hands on and theoretical learning methods.

Italian Fine Arts and Monuments

ITLN/ART 172 | (1, 1, 1 QH) | YEAR 

This course is based on an overview of some of the most important Italian cities. Though the emphasis is placed on history and art, sights and monuments are also covered. A preparatory lecture is given before field trips to important museums, historic sights, and monuments. Written reports are required after every tour.

History of Italian Art

ART / HIST / ITLN 335 | (2 QH) | YEAR + SUMMER 

This course is structured around Italian art and the history behind it from the Etruscan period through Classical Greek and Hellenistic Greek art. Lessons are supported by power-point presentations, slides, videos, and photos.

Fashion Design

ART 321 | (2, 2, 2 QH) | YEAR 

This course covers the basics of fashion illustration, draping, sewing, and simple pattern making. Students will learn how to draw and color the fashion figure and the various articles of clothing from models and fashion photos, how to drape muslins on a model form and develop basic bodices, skirts, sleeves, etc., how to make paper patterns, the steps to designing a collection and finally to have the opportunity to produce a garment of their choice. A minimum of five students is required.

The Art of Tailoring

ART / HMEC 315 | (1, 1, 1 QH) | YEAR 

From stitching to pattern drawing, this course focuses on the intricacies of tailoring. Designed as a hands-on course, much of the learning experience will be done through practical means, such as hand stitching, fabric and thread selection, and pattern making. Projects for this course will range from partial to full garment production.

Decorative Techniques in Ceramics

ART 311 | (2, 2, 2 QH) | YEAR 

Training in basic sculpture, modeling (how to prepare ceramics, create a blend, make and finish a sculpture, and use of a ceramics wheel), firing, and using various techniques across the ages.

Painting Styles and Technique

ART 341 | (2, 2, 2 QH) | YEAR + SUMMER 

This creative course explores the visual elements of line, shape, value, volume, space, and texture. Students of every talent level are invited to develop their drawing ability by experimenting with various mediums such as pencil, charcoal, conté, wash, and ink as applied to still life, and landscapes. This course is comprehensive, beginning with the basic line, stroke, and shading in pencil, and progressing through the medium level in preparation for the final project of an original oil painting on canvas. A minimum of five students is required.

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