5 Weekend Trip Tips

5 Weekend Trip Tips          


Third quarter is coming to an end and I have definitely learned a thing or two about traveling. One of the main reasons I came to Italy was because of how easy it would be to travel on the weekends. While I have successfully traveled to many countries this year, I will say it has not always been as glamorous as my Instagram may seem. So here are a few tips!

  1. Make sure you are travelling with people who have a similar travel style as you. Some people prefer to sleep in and just walk around and pretend to be a local. While others like to be up at the crack of dawn with prebooked tickets to all the museums in that area. So, to save friendships make sure you talk beforehand about your expectations of the trip.
  2. If you are only in a place for a few days, don’t spend money on a nice Airbnb or hotel (you’ll barely be there anyway). Get a cheap hostel and put that money towards activities. Unless the focus of the trip is relaxing in the Airbnb, then that money can be used elsewhere. Hostels aren’t as scary as they seem, however, I suggest that if you are a female traveling alone or with other females try to get the female only dorm versus the mixed dorm.
  3. Getting to and from the airport is often left as an afterthought, don’t! At least look at your options first: bus, trains, shuttle, uber, and taxi. Sometimes there are transportation methods that don’t run 24/7. If transport to and from the airport isn’t planned properly you may miss your flight or pay an excessive amount.
  4. Have at least one meal a day planned out beforehand. It’s always so stressful trying to find a place to eat on the spot especially if you are wanting to find good local cuisine. Before you travel, look up one really cool restaurant or local eatery that you can plan on for the day.
  5. In my opinion, people are not as scary or “sketchy” in Italy as they are in the States. While you should always be on guard and a bit wary, some of my best experiences have been with complete strangers. That goes to say, don’t automatically assume everyone is a bad person. Be open, but be cautious!

by: Grace Betances, Walla Walla University  

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