Alessandra Pecchioli

FAT lecturer in charge


Ph.D. in Linguistics (University of Florence);

Bachelor of Arts (University of Florence).


Conference Proceedings

“Constructing an Annotated Resource for Part-Of-Speech Tagging of Mishnaic Hebrew,” with E. Giovannetti, D. Albanesi, A. Bellandi, and S. Marchi, in Elena Cabrio, Alessandro Mazzei, Fabio Tamburini (eds.), Italian Conference on Computational Linguistics, Proceedings of the Fifth Italian Conference on Computational Linguistics (CLiC-it 2018), online publication 25.11.2018,

“The Term maṣebà in Standard Narrative Hebrew,” in M. Betrò, S. De Martino, G. Miniaci, F. Pinnock (eds.), Egypt and the Ancient Near East: Between Past and Future. Studies and Research on Egypt and the Near East in Italy, PUP, Pisa 2018, pp. 209-219.

Articles in Review

The Terminology of the Babylonian Talmud: Extraction, Representation and Use in the Context of Computational Linguistics with E. Giovannetti, A. Bellandi, D. Dattilo, A. M. Del Grosso, S. Marchi, S. Piccini, “Materia Giudaica” 25 (2020)

The BIR translation in the context of translation history, “Protestantism” 74 (2019), pp. 103-127.

Automatic Linguistic Annotation of Mishnaic Hebrew: experiments on the Babylonian Talmud, “Jewish Matters” 23 (2018), pp. 281-291.

Contributions in volume

“tmwnh: God’s face?” in A. Mengozzi and C. Toscano (eds.), Sounds and Words through the Ages: Afroasiatic studies from Turin, DOST – Critical Studies, Dell’Orso, Alessandria 2013, pp. 339-348.

“Giulia Baldelli. An initial brief overview of the Walker, Baldelli and Tommasi families,” in The church “of the Italians”: at the origin of awakened evangelism in Italy, ed. by Alessandra Pecchioli, GBU, Chieti 2010, pp. 348.

Dictionary Entries (tabs)

Daniele Mazzinghi in Dora Bognandi, Mario Cignoni, eds, Choices of Faith and Freedom. Profiles of Evangelicals in United Italy, Claudiana, Turin 2011, pp. 224.


The church “of the Italians”: the origin of revived evangelism in Italy, ed. by Alessandra Pecchioli, GBU, Chieti 2010, pp. 348.


“Review of Cristiano D’Angelo, The Book of Ruth – The Power of Women. Theological and Literary Commentary, EDB, Bologna 2004, pp. 222,” Materia Giudaica XIII/1, 2008, pp. 455-457.


Emile Nicole, “La Bible: une réponse à la violence?”, in La violence: un fatalité?, Micaël Razzano, ed. of, Excelsis, 2017 pp. 93-109 (in Italian Il Dio della Bibbia è un Dio violento?, GBU, Chieti 2018, ch. 3)

Idem, “Violence monothéiste?” in La violence: un fatalité?, op. cit. (in Italian Il Dio della Bibbia… op. cit., ch. 2)

Henri Blocher, Le mal et la croix, Sator 1990 (in Italian Il male e la croce, GBU, Chieti 2017, chapters 1,2,4 and 6)

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