Philip Alma

Ordinary FAT lecturer


– Doctorate in Theology and Religious Sciences (PhD, specialization in New Testament Biblical Sciences, Faculté de Théologie Protestante de l’Université de Strasbourg). Thesis: L’accueil de l’autre dans sa diversité. Analyse exégétique et théologique de Romains 14,1-15,13 (378 pp.) – 2020.

– Diplôme d’Études Approfondies en Théologie Protestante (Master’s degree, Faculté de Théologie Protestante de l’Université de Strasbourg) – 2000.

Bible translation

The New Testament. New translation from the Greek text, (Reformation Bible), British & Forest Bible Society-Biblical Society in Italy, Rome 2017; New edition: Bible Society in Italy, Rome 2020 (member of translation committee).

Published articles (selection...)

– “Need for milk or solid food? Introductory hints for reading the Letter to the Hebrews,” in The Adventist Messenger, January 2022, 6-8.

– “The Woman of Mega-Faith. A reflection on the meaning and value of faith from Mt 15:21-28,” Adventus 29, 2020, 29-43.

– “Guidelines for Intelligent Bible Reading,” Horizons of Mission. Practical guide for training church leaders no. 5, January-June 2019, 48-55.

– “Beyond duty, the gratuitousness of love. A reflection on pastoral ministry from the strange parable from the Gospel according to Luke 17:7-10,” Adventus 27, 2018, 19-27.

– “Word & Action, One Mission,” The Adventist Messenger 2, 2017, 24-25.

– “A Parable of the Human Condition (Mark 2:1-12),” The Adventist Messenger 11, 2012, 11-13.

– “Scandal and folly of the cross (Review. Critical study),” The Adventist Messenger 4, 2012, 23-24.

– “Youth universe, pastoral orientations,” Adventus 21, 2011, 90-107.

– “For a theology of yes…,” Adventus 19, 2009, 87-93.

– “Windows…on Jesus. Reflections on the “foundation” of the Christian faith,” The Adventist Messenger 4, 2008, 4-7.

– “Christian Existence and Postmodernity. A critical reflection on the meaning of Christian faith,” The Adventist Messenger 5, 2005, 6-11.

– “Prolegomena for the Study of Intertestamental Literature,” Adventus 12, 2002, 3-22.

– “Poets of the Word,” Adventus 11, 2001, 70-76.

Books, monographs and book chapters

– L’accueil de l’autre dans sa diversité. La stratégie de médiation de Paul à l’égard des faibles et des forts à Rome (Romains 14,1-15,13), (Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament 2. Reihe 572), Mohr Siebeck, Tübingen 2022, XVI + 408 pp. (

– If you hear His voice. Ideas for a meditative reading of the Letter to the Hebrews, (Signs of the Times, 61), ADV Editions, Florence 2022, 128 pp. (

– “Jesus and the Ethics of Proximity. Rereading the Commandment of Love, Beginning with Lk 10:25-37,” in Ramón Gelabert y Victor M. Armenteros (edd.), Al aire del Espíri-tu. Festschrift to Dr. Roberto Badenas, (Facultad de Teología. Universidad Adventista del Plata), Libertador San Martín Entre Ríos 2013, 1-26.

– “Windows on Jesus,” in AA. VV., Choose Jesus, (Signs of the Times, LVI, 1, 2009), ADV, Falciani-Impruneta 2009, 25-39.

– “Christ, the ‘End’ or the ‘End’ of the Law?” in AA. VV., Paul, the last apostle, (Signs of the Times, LIII, 1, 2006), ADV, Falciani-Impruneta 2006, 110-125.

– “Hope in God’s Future,” in AA.VV., Jesus the Liberator, edited by the Federation of Evangelical Churches in Italy and the Union of the Seventh-day Adventist Christian Church, Cooperativa Com Nuovi Tempi, Rome 2000, 113-118.

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