Pawel A. Gajewski

Adjunct FAT Lecturer


1990 – “magister” degree in biblical theology from the Academy of Catholic Theology in Warsaw.

1997 – doctorate in theology with the dissertation Schalom Ben-Chorin (1913-1999) and his interpretation of some major elements of Pauline soteriology, published for the types of the Pontifical University of St. Thomas.

2001 – master’s degree in evangelical theology from the Waldensian Faculty of Theology.

Academic assignments

Since 1998 – collaboration with the Fvt Chair of Systematic Theology in distance education.

Since 2007, adjunct professor at Pentecostal Faculty of Religious Studies (biblical and systematic theology).

Since 2009 theological consultant to the Communion of Protestant Churches in Europe

Since 2010 assistant professor and holder of the theology of religions course within the Fvt. Chair of Systematic Theology.

Since 2015 professor of theology of religions at Fvt.

Areas of research

– Biblical, Talmudic and patristic foundations of the theology of religions
– Ecclesiology in an ecumenical and interreligious perspective
– Methodologies of interreligious dialogue

Published articles

“In the realm of contradiction” (assessment of K. Wojtyla’s pontificate),
with F. GENTILONI, the Roof, 198 (November-December 1996), pp. 61-74

“Eschatology in Protestant theology,” Testimonies, 1/2000 (409), pp. 60-64

“The Biblical Vocabulary of the Time,” Studies in Theology, XII (2000/2), pp. 118-136

“On the trail of the elusive – Gustaw Herling and his investigation of evil,” The Three Rings.
– Les Trois Anneaux – Revue des tres cultures monothéistes, 3/2002, pp. 65-83

“The Church’s notion in writing The True Report of what happened in the
persecutions and massacres of the year 1655,” Bulletin of the Society of Waldensian Studies, 195
(December 2005), pp. 133-148.

“Eklezjologia Jana Kalwina w podstawowych dokumentach doktrynalnych.
waldensòw z lat 1560-1662 “Rocznik Teoloogiczny LI/1-2, Warszawa, 2009,
pp. 219-232.

“Bible and Pentecostal Spirituality,” Hodos. Pentecostal Faculty Magazine
of religious sciences, year 2011, pp. 71-86.

“A word in the mouth of the angel of God would be enough,” in: AA.VV.,
Sharing and proclaiming the Word, Paulines, Milan, 2014, pp. 67-79.

“The Drama of Liberal Theology, in Germany and Italy, in the Years 1914-1944.”
Testimonies, 3-4/2014 (495-496), pp. 233-239.

Monographs and book chapters

Specialist dictionaries
AA. VV., Dictionary of the Age of Reform, Città Nuova, Rome, 2006, miscellaneous entries.

AA. VV., Dictionary of Evangelical Theology, New Men, Marchiolo (Varese), 2006, entries: “John Calvin,” “Joseph Gangale.”

Own works

The challenge of new spiritualities, Claudiana, Turin, 2003.

The Reformation in France, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, and Eastern Europe, ESD,
Bologna, 2007.

Contemporary Protestantism. History and current affairs (with F. Ferrario), Carocci,
Rome, 2007.

With or without the weapons. Religious Controversy and Armed Resistance in the Modern Age.
Proceedings of the XLVII Conference of Studies on the Reformation and Religious Movements in Italy (with S.
Peyronel), Claudiana, Turin, 2008; contains the contribution “Use of Argumentation.
biblical in a polemical function in the Catholic and Reformed camp on the example of the prior
Marcus Aurelius Rorengo and Pastor Antoine Léger,” pp. 245-264.

Christianity: Protestants and Anglicans, EMI, Bologna, 2013.

Editions of others’ works

J. EDWARDS, Love and its fruits, Alpha & Omega, Caltanissetta, 2003, editorial review and introduction (pp. 9-25)

G. CALVINO, Disputes with Rome, Claudiana, Turin, 2004, with G. Conte, introduction, editorial review and scholarly apparatus

P. RICCA – G. TOURN, The Evangelicals and Mary, Claudiana, 2005, editorial review
and introduction (pp. 5-10)

A. VON HARNACK, History of Dogma. A compendium, Claudiana, Turin, 2006,
editorial review and introduction (pp. 7-34)

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