From today you can virtually visit the
80th anniversary exhibition of the Adventist Institute.

You will also be able to access the halls of the historic Villa Aurora building from home and consult the exhibition panels. You will find information, videos, and documents regarding the history of the Adventist Institute from its beginnings to the present day.

Before we begin the virtual tour, we leave you with a thought-provoking introduction to the exhibition by director Davide Romano.

The title of this exhibition is “Eightieth. But at a certain age, you know, the years almost don’t count anymore. By visiting this exhibition you will find us. We who were not there yet, but who in our predecessors, women and men of the last century who encountered Christ in their lives and decided to follow him, devoting time to study and formation, made their entrance at Villa Aurora, thus inspiring ourodierno journey.

By visiting this exhibition you will also find an important piece of the history of Italian Adventism, which was formed in this school, identified with this school, took refuge in this school and worked hard, prayed, cried, rejoiced for it.

In visiting this exhibition, however, you will find something of you, of your history, of your nostalgia for a certain communal way of living and understanding yourself, of your confessional, sometimes generational and in some cases familial lexicon. But, by visiting this exhibition you will also find them. They of whom you knew nothing; they whose existence you ignored; they of whom you remembered only the name, but they were there; they were reliable fellow travelers, in some cases adventurers of the spirit, indomitable preachers, affable counselors, brisk and dutiful workers, volunteers of many worlds, preceptors and farmers, teachers and secretaries, students and students, maintenance workers, radio speakers, cooks and gardeners: a colorful and hopeful people determined to walk without delay the path God had set before them.

As far as we are concerned, even in the changing circumstances, certainly in a different world, we will remain faithful to this story insofar as we still find in it your faces, your step together with ours and the irrevocable calling of God.

Let the exhibition therefore begin!

Davide Romano

Click here to access the exhibition.

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